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Musical Styles - Pack of 3 - A1 wall posters



The new Musical Styles educational poster series from Genesis Images, a set of three A1 sized wallcharts.

All the essential facts and keywords associated with the various different genres of music, specifically designed for the GCSE syllabus.

1/3 - Western classical music

Flowchart of the key developments in Western classical music from 1600 to the present day containing brief descriptions and examples of composers. Each period reduced to a few essential key words and phrases, designed specifically for the latest GCSE syllabus.

2/3 - Popular and world music

An explanation of some of the musical cultures outside the Western classical sphere and how their fusion has influenced popular music. Important facts about blues, gospel, rock and roll, folk, Indian and African music are based around a clever guitar headstock design.

3/3- Film and TV music

A summary of the key techniques used to enhance a visual experience with music. Examples of TV programmes and films famous for their music are complemented by an explanation of the complicated timecode composition process.

Key Features:

  • Three A1 (841x594mm) informative wallcharts ideal for any music classroom
  • Durable 200gsm glossy poster paper
  • Essential facts and keywords associated with various different genres of music
  • Eye catching design
  • Features Western classical music, dance music, popular music, and music for film
  • Specifically designed for the latest GCSE syllabus

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