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Music Technology - Pack of 8 - A1 wall posters


The new Music Technology educational poster series from Genesis Images, a set of eight A1 sized wallcharts. Essential for any music tech classroom or studio wall. This series covers the fundamentals of mic-ing, recording, synthesizing and processing sound. Detailed information is conveyed using clear and simple diagrams as well as high resolution software screenshots and images of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Eight A1 (841x594mm) informative wallcharts ideal for classroom or studio
  • Durable 200gsm glossy poster paper
  • Series covers the fundamentals of micing, recording, synthesizing and processing sound
  • Eye catching design featuring updated equipment images for 2016
  • Detailed information conveyed with clear and simple diagrams
  • Particularly suitable for KS3/KS4

Detailed content for each poster follows below:

1/8 - Live sound

Everything you need to know about basic stage setup and control with a central annotated mixing desk showing how the various components of a PA system talk to each other. Includes segments on DI boxes and auxiliary inserts.

2/8 - Mixers

A beautifully simple explanation of the various functions of a mixer featuring magnified images of a single channel from both a hardware and software mixer with colour coded annotations defining each knob and button. Also displays information about analogue, digital, and software controlled desks.

3/8 - Synthesizers

The complex workings of a synthesizer helpfully reduced to the basic facts with extremely clear diagrams and definitions. Includes examples of famous instruments, explanations of oscillators, filters and envelopes, and how to differentiate between analogue synths, digital synths, and samplers.

4/8 - Computers and music

Easily digestible descriptions of each of the components of a basic digital audio workstation (DAW) including sections on the audio interface and VSTs. This is essential information as all music and music tech students will be expected to work with a setup like this at some point during their course.

5/8 - Microphones

Succinct explanations of the different types of microphone – dynamic, ribbon, condenser, and electret – and their respective applications. Also features three detailed diagrams showing the difference between omnidirectional, figure-of-eight, and cardioid polar patterns.

6/8 - Samplers

An extremely informative poster detailing the history, mechanics and purpose of sampling. Includes information on sample rates and storage file formats as well as graphical explanations of the common sample manipulation techniques.

7/8 - Audio processing

A summary of the most common audio effects used to alter recorded or live sound. Effects are grouped under four headings: time (reverb, delay), modulation (chorus, flange), tone (EQ), and dynamic (compression, gate). Also includes diagrams showing the parameters associated with each.

8/8 - Sound connections

Invaluable reference sheet for musicians of all ages giving explanations and applications of all the common types of connection and cable. Groups connections under three subheadings – audio signal, speaker, and digital information – and also features a section on the difference between balanced and unbalanced wiring. 

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