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Music Technology Computers and Music - A1 wall poster


Part of the new Music Technology educational poster series from Genesis Images, a set of eight A1 sized wallcharts.

Essential for any music tech classroom or studio wall. This series covers the fundamentals of mic-ing, recording, synthesizing and processing sound. Detailed information is conveyed using clear and simple diagrams as well as high resolution software screenshots and images of equipment.

Easily digestible descriptions of each of the components of a basic digital audio workstation (DAW) including sections on the audio interface and VSTs. This is essential information as all music and music tech students will be expected to work with a setup like this at some point during their course. 

Key Features:
  • Informative wallchart ideal for classroom or studio
  • Durable 200gsm glossy poster paper
  • Easily digestible descriptions of digital audio workstation (DAW) components
  • Eye catching design featuring updated equipment images
  • Essential reference for 21st century classrooms and studios
  • Includes sections on audio interfaces and VSTs

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