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Keyboard Instruments - A1 wall poster


Part of the new Musical Instruments educational poster series from Genesis Images, a set of eight A1 sized wallcharts. Detailed descriptions of a large number of keyboard instruments categorised by method of sound production, each accompanied by example images. Includes information on clavichords, harpsichords, organs, pianos and celestas as well as some alternative keyboards and synthesisers. 

Ideal for peripatetic teaching rooms, this series includes a set of four colourful posters featuring the instruments from each of the different sections of an orchestra, one on exotic world percussion, and three further displays on the other most popular learner instruments.

Key Features:

  • Informative wallchart ideal for classroom, practice room, or peripatetic teaching room
  • Durable 200gsm glossy poster paper
  • Detailed descriptions of a large number of keyboard instruments
  • Eye catching design updated for 2016
  • Instruments categorised by method of sound production
  • Features clavichords, harpsichords, organs, pianos, celestas, and synthesisers

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