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Percussion Plus Import Series Double Seconds Steel Pans in chrome finish


A pair of double second (or double alto) chrome plated 23" steel pans supplied with 2 rubber tipped mallets, solid adjustable and collapsible chrome stand on wheels, and stand bag. Each surface features a 15-note whole tone scale, and the pans are tuned a semi-tone apart, giving a combined chromatic range of F3-Bb5.

The Percussion Plus Import Series contains the best quality affordable pans in the world. These pans are constructed in Trinidad from specially made steel, they are then shipped to Ohio in the USA where each pan is precisely tuned and finished by experienced specialists.

Key Features:

  • Pair of 23" diameter 'double second' pans
  • Long lasting chrome finish for extra clear tone
  • 15-note wholetone layout on each pan giving combined total chromatic range from F3-Bb5
  • Built from special resonant steel in Trinidad
  • Tuned in the USA at Panyard's state-of-the-art workshop
  • Package includes mallets, stand and stand bag 

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