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Percussion Plus Harmony Alto Diatonic Metallophone


The Percussion Plus Harmony alto metallophone has a range of C40 – A61. Whilst this instrument is a 13 note diatonic set it does also contain 2 x F# and 1 x Bb which enables you to play in the keys of either F or G major expanding the repertoire enormously.

The note bars are produced from aluminium and are accurately tuned. They are then mounted onto a solid ply resonator box which provides a good rounded tone. The build quality is solid and lasts well in general classroom use. The box has a wooden lip on each side which makes it easy to pick up and move. PP070 are our recommended choice of beaters for this metallophone.

The remaining flats and sharps are supplied on PP7020 chromatic half to make a fully chromatic instrument.

Key features:

  • Alto Metallophone (C40-A61)
  • Supplied with 16 notebars (13 diatonic notes + 2xF# and 1xBb)
  • Wooden lip at either side for lifting
  • Purchase with PP7020 to make a full chromatic instrument
  • Prime quality removable aluminium notebars
  • New 2020 specification

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