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Percussion Plus Colourful Chime Bars in clear case with beaters


This set of colourful chime bars is a great educational tool, designed to inspire learning and creativity. Brightly coloured note bars set on durable plastic resonators excite the senses and assist in first musical steps.

Each note bar has its own colour corresponding to pitch, this set is designed to match the Chroma-Notes® colour scheme and is compatible with instruments from this range including CB8 and CB5 combination bells from Percussion Workshop. The note bars also have their letter name and number denoting the degree of the scale embossed to help learn the note names in the C major scale.

The sets designed to be easily portable, it comes supplied in a secure rectangular plastic carry case. The case has slots for each of the note bars in ascending pitch order from left to right with a couple of clips to secure the pair of beaters as well. Either side of the moulded handle there is a plastic catch to ensure that the case stays closed in transit, and these cases are very convenient for stacking in a classroom music cupboard setting.


Key Features:

  • Set of 8 colourful chime bars
  • Mounted on plastic resonators
  • Colour coded note range C64 to C76
  • Excellent for music education settings
  • Suitable for classroom and home use
  • Supplied in translucent green carry case with one pair of beaters

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