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Percussion Plus Classic Red Box Tenor Alto Diatonic Xylophone


Like all Percussion Plus made instruments, the tenor alto xylophone is produced from high quality wood. The red frame is made from selected timber which really enhances the resonance of the sound produced whilst the machine engineered note bars are precision cut to ensure absolute tuning accuracy, which is not something that can be said for all classroom tuned percussion. This diatonic alto xylophone can be combined with the chromatic half, the PP089, to create a fully chromatic instrument.

It is important to note that this instrument, unlike the soprano version, does not come with any accidentals so it is only possible to play this instrument as is in the key of C major.

Key Features:

  • Red Box tenor alto xylophone
  • Diatonic
  • Range A37-C64
  • Sturdy and highly durable solid wood frame
  • Vibrant red finish


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