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Nuvo jHorn (various colours)


The Nuvo jHorn has arrived! This revolutionary brass style instrument is suitable for all ages and abilities, right at home in primary classrooms whilst also a fun practice instrument for adult players.

Nuvo specialises in producing instruments which have the musical authenticity to make them suitable for learning combined with the look and instant aesthetic appeal which quite literally stops you in your tracks to find out more. In keeping with the Nuvo philosophy, the jHorn serves as an introduction to the world of brass playing whilst overcoming the technical and physical difficulties younger and smaller musicians face when looking to start on traditional material instruments.

Brass instrument fingerings are transferable, so the skills learned on the jHorn can be ported anywhere in the brass family. The jHorn occupies the same register as baritone horn, euphonium or trombone.

Supplied in Bb, the jHorn also comes with a set of C tubes which bring the instrument up to concert pitch alongside the rest of the Nuvo family.

Key features:

  • Revolutionary new “brass” instrument for beginners of all ages
  • Can be pitched in Bb or C
  • Outfit includes moulded case and multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups
  • Much lighter than a traditional trumpet, only 0.7kg
  • Available in a range of eye-catching colour combinations
  • Patented rotary face valves

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