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Nuvo jHorn Mouthpiece Set (various colours)


The jHorn mouthpiece sets come with 3 silicone cups replicating low, middle and high brass cup profiles. Having the option to try a variety of mouthpiece cup profiles will be highly beneficial to the beginner player, allowing them to form an idea as to which instruments of the brass family their playing style may be suited to further down the line. Essential for developing embouchure, Nuvo’s simple design and interchangeable cups make practicing “buzzing” fun and easy. This can be especially helpful for classrooms, as students can own and take care of their own mouthpiece whilst learning on the same set of music department owned instruments.

As with all Nuvo instruments, the jHorn mouthpieces are completely waterproof, simply wash with warm soapy water. Available in black, blue, green or pink. Match with your jHorn or mix up the colours and make the instrument your own!

Key features:

  • Multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups
  • 3 sizes replicate low, middle and high brass cup profiles
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Available in black, blue, green or pink
  • Supplied with small tote bag

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