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Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Tuned Set


We say :

Boomwhackers are sets of tuned percussion tube that are a brilliant way to get children engaged in music in the classroom setting. Colourful, dynamic, physical and, of course, musical they help you teach about melody and rhythm in a fun and engaging way. We can supply a range of the Boomwhacker products to our customers. Do get in touch if you need further information about this dynamic set of musical instruments.

Boomwhacker say :

Boomwhackers are fun and unique, tuned percussion tubes perfect for group participation or solo play. This C Major Diatonic Scale Boomwhacker Set consists of eight notes - C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. This is the most popular Boomwhacker set and is usually preferred by educators as it gives the full octave range.

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