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Think of Composing: Mood - A1 wall poster


Aimed at students starting to compose for the first time, this A1 size poster (part of a set of 5) displays concise definitions and examples of the key terms for KS2/KS3. Combined with the others in this series, it provides an excellent method for organising compositional ideas.

This is a double size poster that refers to the other four and centres around an example – in this case, music describing a hungry shark – in order to discuss the choices a composer might make when trying to recreate a given atmosphere. 

Key Features:

  • A1 (portrait) 594x841mm
  • Informative wallchart ideal for music classroom
  • Durable 200gsm glossy poster paper
  • Eye catching design and simple graphical explanations of key terminology
  • Particularly suitable for KS2/KS3
  • Designed to inspire young composers

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