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Welcome to the UCan Play Shop. If you registered with a partner please use the menu to enter their curated store!

Wide Top Djembe Drum (various sizes)


A professional quality, wide playing head diameter djembe with double knotting, hand carved interior, rubber base and a superb sound. The drum is relatively light and compact, reducing storage requirements and making it the perfect large drum for secondary schools, drumming circles and adult players.

These drums have a bright, tight “slap” tone and a very deep, rounded bass tone. Each drum is turned from a single piece of mahogany and has professional quality, pre-stretched stringing and a thick, natural goatskin head for a long life and a mellow tone.

Other features which keep our djembes ahead of the competition are the rubber base that protects both the drum and the floor, the extra smooth finishing inside and out (no splinters or rough edges) and the bag of wooden tuning wedges, which make it quick and easy to tune up the Djembe.

This top quality Djembe is specially designed for serious, long term use in school  and drumming circle settings and incorporates all the design features that have made our bigger drums the standard for quality in schools around the world. It’s also a fabulous personal djembe for serious drummers.

Eco-note: The wood for the drums is certified plantation-grown mahogany and wood products  like these are a great way to store carbon, providing they’re kept for a long time and not thrown away.

Taking care: the drum is very tough and will last for a very long time if treated with care. When not in use keep it in a dry place away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. If it should get wet, let it dry slowly. Above all keep sharp points away from the drum skin, as this is the most fragile part.

Guarantee: the wooden drum shell is guaranteed for 5 years and the drum skin is guaranteed for 2 years.

Key Features:

  • Professional quality, great sounding compact djembe
  • Designed for serious, long term use
  • Perfect large djembe for secondary and adult players
  • Relatively light, compact and great value
  • Built from top quality materials using traditional techniques and incorporating double knotting
  • Rubber base protection and smooth finish inside and out

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