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Roland RIC Black Series Instrument Cables (angled jacks)


We say :

Don't skimp on leads! We have had this conversation hundred's of times with teachers across the UK. The last thing you need in your classroom are leads that break. They annoy your students, they annoy you, and lead (no pun intended) to frustration all-round!

We have been highly impressed with Roland's range of leads. These black series cables are robust and fit for purpose for classroom use. They come in a range of sizes. Roland also to a parallel range of black series leads with angled jacks. 

Please note that these leads come with a lifetime guarantee. 

We can also supply the gold series cables but for general educational use we have found these black series cables the best and most cost effective solution. 

Roland say : 

Roland’s Black Series instrument cables deliver professional performance and exceptional value. Our multi-strand, oxygen-free copper core wire translates the true tones of your instrument, while high-density spiral shielding eliminates unwanted noise. Incorporating high-quality connectors and a low-capacitance design, these rugged cables give you pure, natural, and accurate sound everywhere you play. 

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