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Roland RD-88 Digital Stage Piano


We say :

The Roland RD-88 stage piano offers everything you love about the RD series, now in a lighter, more affordable instrument. Boasting Roland's premium PHA-4 keyboard, delivering an emotive performance has never been easier with the RD-88.

You can go anywhere with the RD-88. Small stages, cramped rehearsal rooms, or even your bedroom. The compact and streamlined design means you can set up and start playing with ease. And thanks to the integrated speakers, there's no need to carry around extra cables or monitors.

To ensure you can play with some of the most authentic piano sounds around, the RD-88 comes with Roland's SuperNATURAL modelling engine. But if you're more of a synth person, then the RD-88 also includes the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, so you can perform with a range of historic Roland synthesizers.

Roland say : 

Premium piano touch
To ensure that you can play with every bit of emotion, the RD-88 piano features one of Roland's premium keyboards - the PHA-4. Boasting Ivory feel keys with Roland's latest touch-detection technology, the PHA-4 keyboard will always deliver an expressive performance. With fast key repetition and high-resolution sensing, the PHA-4 faithfully translates into sound the subtlest differences in tone from different playing styles and dynamics.

What's more, the white keys are finished with a moisture absorbing material which provides a comfortable playing experience, even in hot environments. The authentic hammer-action mechanism even produces less audible noise than previous designs. This is great for practice sessions with headphones as you won't disturb anyone around you.

Authentic sounds
What makes the RD-88 an exceptional piano is the special edition of Roland’s very own SuperNATURAL modelling engine. This unique and advanced modelling technology reproduces the complex physical interactions that occur when an acoustic piano creates sound. You’ll hear, and feel the difference in every note you play.

The RD-88 isn't just for pianos though. Boasting a curated selection of electronic and acoustic sounds from Roland's long history, the RD-88 uses the ZEN-core Synthesis System found in all of their flagship synthesisers. Finally, you can have all of your favourite Roland sounds in one convenient instrument.

The perfect travelling companion
There's a reason RD pianos have been trusted by professionals for over three decades - they're built to perform. Night after night, you are instantly connected to the music as soon as you play the RD-88. The controls are always sturdy, while the keyboard action always feels natural - never stiff, never spongy.

Weighing in a 13.5kg, the Roland RD-88 is easy to move around. Its clean and compact design enables you to quickly set it up, even on small stages or in cramped rehearsal spaces. And thanks to the powerful integrated speaker system, it's now easier than ever to play with less clutter and less fuss.

Integrate soft synths
Although the RD-88 comes with a wide range of premium sounds, sometimes you require a specific sound or sample library. Roland understands this. This is why the RD-88 has three zones that can be configured with internal sounds or can integrate and control soft synths from Apple MainStage. So now you can easily duplicate the sound of a track live, or mix a favourite soft synth the RD-88's rich collection of sounds.

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