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Roland PM-03 V-Drums Amplifier


We say :

Roland's PM range of V-Drums amplifiers are the perfect accompaniment to any drummer wanting to amplify their V-Drums for practice sessions or gigs. There are three main sizes available and the PM-03 is the most compact solution. We think it is ideal for home practice. If you are wanting to gig with your V-Drums, we'd suggest either the PM-100 or PM-200. 

For our education customers, this is an ideal amplifier for V-Drums in a practice room setting. 

Roland say :

The newest addition to the V-Drums personal-monitor family is the PM-03. Slim and stylish, this space-saving monitor adds a new dimension of sound for V-Drummers — it’s the first 2.1-channel monitor in the PM series, providing a clean, clear stereo image, plus low-frequency coverage. From thunderous lows to sparkling highs, the PM-03 will enhance your personal V-Drums sessions with full-frequency impact. It’s the perfect match, aesthetically and aurally, for Roland’s HD-series V-Drums, but all electronic drummers can plug into the PM-03 as well.

Manufacturer Information

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