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Roland HS-5 Session Amplifier


We say :

Roland's HS-5 is the ideal product to create a silent band rehearsal environment in your classroom. It allows five musicians to work together in silence, each with their own headphone mix. The HS5 features high and low impedance switches for each channel so all instruments including electric and bass guitar guitars can be connected easily and without the need for any additional interfaces. 

The HS-5 can be used in conjunction with music software, with each track appearing as a separate track in a DAW. This provides a great interface for students who may want to do some editing of their performances.

The settings for the HS-5 can be stored on a USB pen drive. You can reset the unit easily by a simple key press (no more fiddling with loads of buttons to restore functionality!). 

We would recommend purchase Roland's PDS-10 stand to go with the HS-5. This provides a solid base for the unit within the classroom space. 

Roland say :

Convenient and simple to use, the HS-5 allows up to five musicians to rehearse, jam, and record while monitoring with headphones. Players have individual hands-on control of their personal mix, plus access to reverb and COSM effects for guitar, bass, and vocals. Bands can capture stereo recordings directly to a USB thumb drive, or connect the HS-5 to a computer via a USB cable and record each channel to individual tracks in a DAW. Additionally, each musician’s personalized settings can be saved for instant recall, providing quick setup for future rehearsals and recording sessions.

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