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Percussion Workshop 30 Player Pack


The pack consists of handheld and tuned instruments for up to 30 players. This is ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2 and comes housed in a smart and sturdy box for storage when not in use.

This 30 Player classroom percussion pack typically includes:

  • Coloured chime bar set with beaters
  • Cowbell and beater
  • 3 x kazoo
  • Fish guiro with scraper
  • 2 x finger cymbals
  • 2 x Indian bells
  • 2 x pairs of wooden maracas
  • 2 x pairs of claves
  • 2 x pairs of castanets
  • Castenet with handle
  • Plastic tambourine
  • Tambour with beater
  • 6" triangle with beater
  • 8" triangle with beater
  • T-shape agogo
  • Set of 5 sleigh bells with handle

The contents may vary.

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