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Percussion Plus Drum Stick Brick Maple 5B - 12 Pairs


These 5B drum sticks from Percussion Plus are made entirely from a solid piece of maple wood and come as a bundle of 12 pairs (24 sticks in total). Each stick has a wooden tip and is very sturdy, able to withstand regular use.

These are great value beginners sticks, perfect for use in the classroom. 5A and 5B drumsticks are the most commonly used drumsticks worldwide and are suitable for most styles and genres, due to their impressive versatility. These 5B sticks are slightly thicker sticks than the 5A, which makes them particularly ideal for playing rock music. 

    Key Features:

    • Great value drumsticks
    • 12 pairs of sticks
    • Made from maple
    • Size 5B
    • Wood tip

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