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Percussion Plus Bhangra Dhol Drum


This beautifully colourful and vibrant dhol drum from Percussion Plus will bring a flavour of traditional Indian music into the classroom and would make a great addition to the school world percussion box.

Dhols are commonly played alongside other drums at Indian weddings and celebrations, and decorated with colours and tassels to match the occasion.

The Percussion Plus drum is about 12" (30cm) tall with head diameters of about 5" and 6". This is smaller than most standard dhol drums making it perfect for younger musicians. As one of the drum's heads is larger than the other, the two produce slightly different but complimentary tones when struck. Timbre is also varied by using the different beaters, one of which is curved and significantly heavier. 

Key Features:

  • Traditional Indian double headed drum
  • Beautiful colourful design decorated with tassels
  • Natural drum skins
  • Supplied with a pair of strikers
  • Approximately 30cm tall

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