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Djembe Drum (various sizes)


This is a top quality Djembe, light enough to be easily carried and great for workshops and group work.

Each drum is turned from a single piece of mahogany and has professional quality, pre-stretched stringing and a thick, natural goatskin head for a long life and a mellow tone. The slap is tight and the bass is rounded and powerful.

Other features which keep these Djembes ahead of the competition are the exclusive rubber base that protects both the drum and the floor, the extra smooth finishing inside and out (no splinters or rough edges) and the bag of wooden tuning wedges, which make it quick and easy to tune up the Djembe.

The finish on these Standard Djembe is simply beautiful – just wax and polish, showing the natural grain of the mahogany to its best advantage.

Rucksack-style carry bags, harnesses and belts are also available, which will enable you to get the most out of you Djembe on the go and protect it from a large amount of general wear and tear in transit.

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