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Welcome to the UCan Play Shop. If you registered with a partner please use the menu to enter their curated store!

Calypso Chimes


Reminiscent of orchestral tubular bells, the sleek design of the colored anodized aluminium tubing make these chimes outstanding in both sound quality and visual appeal. Using only the highest quality materials, we promise the best quality resonant sound you have ever heard in any outdoor musical chime. Aluminium is one of Earth’s most abundant metals known for its lightness, strength and resistance to corrosion and Calypso Chimes are made of precision-cut high-grade aluminium tubing - constructed to exacting tolerances - with a corrosion-protective anodized finish that will preserve the chime's appearance, increase durability in hostile environments and will never rust.

Easy to maintain, anodised aluminium can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent to restore its original lustre.

The bright rainbow colors of the Calypso Chimes will capture children’s attention and will also help develop their musical skills. As well as finding bright colored objects more appealing and stimulating, children use colors to help them make sense of what is what. They use color to learn how to match things that are the same and identify things that are similar, but different. This is a very helpful way for young musicians to identify the different pitches on the correlating musical chimes. The Calypso Chimes, along with other instruments in our Rainbow Range use colored notation, where each note of the scale is represented by a different color.

Colors are easy for most young children to recognize and differentiate between, however in music, the baseline is black and white - the colors of standard notation. When first introducing music and music reading to young children it can be challenging for them to recognize patterns and organize the content visually when everything is black and white. Sound and color fit together, and most minds draw intensely vivid connections between the two. For this reason, color can be a helpful tool when teaching music and developing music-reading skills to young children.

To help you create the sonic landscape of your choice the Calypso Chimes are available in many arrangements within the C Major scale, known to be harmonious in any combination:

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