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African Drumming – Primary – 30 Player Wide Top Class Pack – Buddies


This 30 Player Wide Top Buddies African Drumming pack is a great low cost solution for whole class groups of primary pupils, ages 5 to 11. It contains all you need to get your class up and drumming quickly and to develop from basics through to first performance in just a term.

The pack includes 15 top quality Wide Top Djembe drums and 15 percussion instruments. This gives you a wide range of authentic African Drumming sounds and makes it easy to split the group into ‘Buddy Pairs’, each with one big and one smaller instrument. There are three sizes of Djembe, to enable your group to differentiate the low, medium and high parts of many African Drumming pieces. The Wide Top djembes are lighter and more compact than normal djembes and they’re all big enough for proper two-handed playing by primary pupils. The djembes have  been specially designed for use in the classroom: the goatskin playing heads are thick and strong, the mahogany shells are smooth inside and out, and the rubber edging protects both the drums and the floor surface.

Special storage/carry bags are also available and will help to prolong the instruments’ lives as well as making it safe and easy to move them around for outside events.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for medium sized classes and bigger lunchtime and after school groups
  • Includes world-leading teaching support
  • For serious, long term use in the classroom or community
  • Can be taught by class teachers as well as music specialists
  • Appropriate drum sizes for ages 5 to 12 years

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