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Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum


Our Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum with vivid-blue aluminum petals with central yellow babel drum will add an appeal to any outdoor area from parks and playgrounds to sensory or healing gardens.

The Forget-Me-Not is linked to memory and remembrance and is the recognized emblem for dementia-friendly environments, communities, and hospitals.

Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small (10”/250mm) Babel Drum encased within specific shaped aluminum ‘petals’. The flower heads are securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame or ready to be wall-mounted and come supplied with soft, flexible mallets specifically designed to produce delightfully soft soothing tones.

Adding a hint of happiness to any space, Petal Drums look and sound gorgeous on their own or with any combination of our instruments. A smart choice to quickly and simply add another dynamic to your outdoor space or playground.

  • C Major Pentatonic is a very distinct, pleasant-sounding scale that, despite ancient origins, is as fresh and useful in improvisation today as it has ever been
  • Unlike the real thing, our Forget-Me-Not Drum will bloom all year
  • Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
  • Forget-Me-Nots are a symbol of faithfulness, true love, and remembrance
  • Why not create your own Petal Drum arrangement by adding a Sunflower, Poppy, or Daisy, each with its own character and tuning.
  • Tuning = C Major Pentatonic (C4 D E G A C5)

Made to order in 6-8 Weeks.


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