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Percussion Plus Tambourine Wood Shells - 6", 8” and 9” pack


Tambourines are the perfect instruments for beginner percussionists and great for getting children excited about beats and rhythms.

Each Percussion Plus tambourine is made from a finest birch plywood shell which is comfortable for young hands to grip and built to survive a busy school life. A goatskin head is held taut by 16 rivets and produces a bright resonant ping while the jingles or zils built into the frame make a crisp metallic rattle every time the instrument is struck.

Each tambourine is finished in Percussion Plus’s trademark red making them wonderfully bright and colourful additions to any classroom. 

Key Features:

  • Single row of jingles
  • Easy grip plywood shell
  • Striking red finish
  • Hardwearing natural hide head

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