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Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone with Gold Lacquer


We say:

This Trevor James Classic II alto saxophone has been chosen by our AIMS partners as an excellent choice for the intermediate, c. Grade 5 saxophone player. It comes with a mouthpiece and case. 

Trevor James say: 

Initially designed and conceived in 1993, our aim with the original 'Horn' saxophone was to manufacture a new range of saxes to fit into the distinctive, reasonably priced student saxophone category without compromising quality. 

Launched at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 1994, the 'Horn' saxophones quickly became popular around World with its ease of sound production, excellent build quality and an affordable price tag.  

We understand the importance of the Trevor James 'Horn'  Classic models of 2012 staying faithful to the design objectives of the original 'Horn' (1993),  demonstrating perfectly, that with dedicated research and design, quality is affordable!

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