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Roland VAD-306 V-Drums


The Roland VAD-306 V-Drums provides the perfect acoustic aesthetic, comprising of the TD-17 sound module, five drum shells, four cymbals with a custom chrome hardware and a sleek black wrap. The cutdown shallow shells save space and weight while offering a realistic feel and stick responses. The double-braced stands, tom mounts and cymbal boom arms complete the layout and further enhance the acoustic aesthetic.

With its organic, expressive sound, the TD-17 sound module provides the perfect acoustic tone and playability - whether drumming at home, gigging or working in a studio. The TD-17 sound module provides an expressive and dynamic sound, inherited from the Prismatic Sound Modelling technology of the flagship TD-50. The TD-17 sound module also includes a hands-on interface for selecting and personalising drum sounds, onboard Bluetooth for drumming along with music from a smartphone and built-in practice functions for developing your drumming skills.

Please note: This kit does not include a snare stand, hi-hat stand or kick pedal.

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