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Roland CUBE 60XL Bass Combo Amplifier


We say:

The Roland CubeXL Bass Combo amplifier is the perfect amp for the gigging bass player. We've used this amp as our rehearsal studio bass guitar amps for many years and it has performed faultlessly. It has a great sound, a range of models, effects and EQ and also a looper! 

If you need a bass guitar amp for school concerts and performances in larger spaces or venues then this is the bass guitar amplifier to go for. 

Roland say: 

Just as the CUBE guitar-amp family received an XL upgrade, now it’s time for the CUBE BASS line to reach XL status. The new CUBE XL BASS amplifiers remain portable and travel friendly, a CUBE tradition, but they benefit from new-generation XL performance enhancements. These new amps deliver a knock-out punch with custom FFP and COSM technology. FFP is one of Roland’s core technologies in which each component — amp, cabinet, and speaker — achieves maximum efficiency and performance for incredible power from a compact body.

The mid-size CUBE-60XL BASS provides 60 watts of power in a portable cabinet that’s great for rehearsals and gigs alike. It has a Solo channel with memory, eight COSM amp models, 3-band EQ, onboard effects, and a world’s first, built-in Looper for constructing stacks of sound in real-time.

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