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pTrumpet HyTech


We say:

Plastic 'brass' instruments have revolutionised the way in which children are introduced a musical instrument. Lightweight, colourful and sounding great, they are an affordable way to get your child engaged with their instrument from the off. 

For teachers, class sets of plastic instruments are affordable, cheap to maintain and provide a great way into learning a brass instrument at the fraction of the cost of traditional brass instruments. In the right hands, they also sound amazing!

Please note that we can also provide a range of alternative mouthpieces for these instruments. 

JHS say:

The pTrumpet hyTech marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution. Combining metal and plastic this hybrid instrument delivers a performance standard beyond that of any previous plastic trumpet.

Further developing the use of an ABS plastic body this patented metal/plastic hybrid design includes stainless steel lined plastic pistons, brass and polymer hybrid valve block and lead pipe and a silver-plated metal mouthpiece. The innovative design creates a free-blowing, open feel and accurate intonation.

It comes with a quality padded gig bag, includes a 7C Silver plated brass mouthpiece and will be available in Jet Black, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver.

Manufacturer Information

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