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Izzo 8'' Aluminium Repinique


The mini repinique, or 'bacurina', has become hugely popular primarliy as its size is perfect for younger children. It can be played using a harness or on a stand and is produced in the same way as its larger siblings.

The sound is higher than a standard size instrument, similar to a tamborim, and is comparatively lightweight at only 1.8kg.

The drum is made from brushed aluminium and has chrome plated hardware, which ensures longevity. There are 5 tension rods with a tuning key included which makes replacing drum skins easy. 

Key features:

  • Brilliantly popular mini repinique
  • Chrome hardware with aluminium shell
  • Nylon drum head
  • 5 tuning/tension rods with key included
  • Suitable for all samba groups

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