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Izzo 12" Caixa


The caixa is an all-rounder of an instrument, used extensively throughout Brazilian music. Originally used in samba schools in Rio, it is now found in a wide range of drumming ensembles. The fixed snare wires help this instrument to cut through the drum group and provide swing to the music.

This model has a 14" head on each end of the 10cm deep body, held in place by gleaming chrome counter hoops and 6 adjustable tension rods. A combination of the aluminium shell and durable white Nylon skins - the definitive samba drum construction materials - ensures optimum resonance which creates that recognisable carnival tone. Each drum comes fully assembled.

Key features:

  • Traditional resonant aluminium shells with classy matt finish
  • Fitted with two Nylon drum heads and 6 snare wires
  • Approximate dimensions: 14" head diameter and 5" height
  • Hard-wearing chrome hardware with 6 tension rods
  • Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory

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