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Boss RC-505 Loop Station


We say:

Looping is an exciting blend of performance and improvisation. It provides a brilliant way in to music production in the classroom setting, building as it does on live performance - with your students' instruments or voices -  and a playfulness with sound through layering, mixing and adding effects (both prior and after the capturing of a sample. 

Here at UCan Play we have explored the RC-505 as the foundation of an approach to the teaching of composition in the classroom. Do watch our very own Josh Savage explore this in these videos

Boss say: 

Infinitely inspiring, the RC-505 Loop Station has become an essential performance instrument for beatboxers, singers, and club performers around the world. Filled with new features requested by top users, the Version 2.0 update brings even more creative power to the flagship tabletop looper. Simultaneous effects can now be used in the Input FX and Track FX sections, and a number of new effects types are included. Many refinements to the loop functionality offer a multitude of ways to enhance and improve live performances. The control target functions have been greatly expanded as well, providing a wealth of external control options for musicians who loop with guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.

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