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AKG C417PP Professional Lavalier Microphone


The AKG C417 PP Professional Lavalier Microphone is our microphone of choice for any live-streaming work. It is perfect for picking up the teacher's voice for any kind of teaching online. It works equally well in face-to-face situations where it may be necessary to amplifier the sound of your voice or create a high quality recording.

This microphone comes with a standard XLR connector and requires phantom power. Make sure you have right audio interface if you are using this for recording or live-streaming. We are happy to advise further prior to purchase if required. 

AKG says:

The C417 is a professional lavalier microphone with omnidirectional polar pattern. Its broadband, flat audio reproduction is ideal for all types of broadcast and theatrical applications. The sound is extremely open and natural, making it ideal for wireless or hardwire multi-mic situations. Thanks to its small housing, it can be inconspicuously and securely attached to jackets and costumes. An attachment clip, tie pin and windscreen are supplied with each C417.

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