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Roland VAD-503 V-Drums


The Roland VAD-503 V-Drums Acoustic Design Drum Kit includes the TD-27 sound module, four drum shells with a smart midnight sparkle finish, three cymbal pads and custom chrome hardware. This premium 'one-up, one-down' kit features wooden shells with full depth and diameter to provide exceptionally authentic feel and responses. Roland?s advanced digital sensor technology and dynamic TD-27 module provide the sound and responses to match the acoustic aesthetic - making sure every stroke, ghost note, roll and swell is expressed in incredible detail.

The TD-27 provides an expressive and dynamic sound, inherited from the Prismatic Sound Modelling technology of the flagship TD-50. These sounds can be edited with the newly developed PureAcoustic Ambience Technology to match your desired playing environment.

Please note: This kit does not include a snare stand, hi-hat stand or kick pedal.

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